Sri Satchitanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai

With Sai's blessings, I would like to share my experiences with other Sai devotees. Sai Baba's miracles have always saved us from all troubles and our lives are blessed because He has gifted us the strength of faith in Him. This blog is my humble offering to Sai with the hope that anyone who reads this blog, all his worries would be taken care of by reading about Sai.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Saptah Parayan method (सप्ताह परायण विधि )

As mentioned in my previous post, I have always been benefited with the miraculous powers of doing a saptah parayan (सप्ताह परायण) and I would like to share the same with all Sai bhakts.

सप्ताह परायण involves reading the Sai Satcharita in one week. We start reading it on a Thursday and finish reading it next Wednesday. Every morning after a bath, light incense infront of Baba's photo and ask for Baba's blessings to be able to do saptah parayan successfully. You can read the book anywhere if you do not have a temple at home. Just make sure that when you are reading the book, your mind is not distracted by things around you. I usually try to make some prasad for Baba during the day and offer it to him.

Try to read 7 chapters every day. Either you can read all the seven chapters all at once in the morning or you can read it through out the day at your convenience. The idea being that your mind should be devoted to Baba during the day. Have Baba in your thoughts and your speech.

Day 1 Ch 1-6
Day 2 Ch 7-13
Day 3 Ch 14-22
Day 4 Ch 23-28
Day 5 Ch 29-35
Day 6 Ch 36-42
Day 7 Ch 43-51

If you cannot read seven chapters on some day for some reason, its alright. Just try to complete the book reading by the end of 7 days.

The last chapter of Sai Satcharita explains in detail about सप्ताह परायण. It covers
पूजा (Prayer)
फला श्रुति (Reward of study of Sai Satcharita) and
प्रसाद याचना (Offering of prasad)

Focus on trying to understand the stories and not on trying to read it all up like a task to be done. Try not to say anything bad to anyone. You would notice that reading it gets done faster than you imagined.

After you complete reading the book, place 2 coins infront of Baba as offering signifying श्रद्धा (Shraddha) and सबुरी (Saburi).
At the end of seven days you will definitely get a vision from Baba and witness the miracle that you were hoping for.
I usually get a vision from Baba in my sleep one day before my saptah ends and it gives me enormous peace of mind and strength.

Always remember that we may ask for many things from Baba, but Baba knows what is best for us and will give us what is best for us.

Jai Sai Ram.


  1. I agree with u.I can only read the saptha if baba wants me to and then only I feel that baba knows what v need .

  2. It is awesome..Everyone who is reading, definitely enjoy..
    mind wil be full of peace..and can easily feel the miracle that actually happens.

  3. sri sachidanand sadguru sainath maharai ki jai ♥

  4. I had read satsaicarita and finished the same in 7 days what I have to do further please help.

  5. I am going to complete Sai Satcharitra today. I am feeling so wonderful for I have only 2 pages left. Can't imagine how can it get completed so soon....All by SAI's wish and his love.

    Have faith on him....impossible can be changed to possible within no time. Read this book and can see the result for sure...I have already seen the results and fulfillment of my wishes in no time earlier in 2 instances.


  6. I finished this parayana twice it is really amezing. "Om Sai Ram"